Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What website? Some may have noticed that the busy-being site has not changed much since umm...last year? Well, there are several contributing factors to this neglect one of them being that while some of you may have thought I was super technical and taking this e-commerce venture by the horns, alas I was not. I was merely a puppet while Ben has been the man behind the curtain, updating the site for the past 3 years! And all for a measly trade of products and/or dinners. Anyhow, the guilt, schedules, and the piling up of products was all too much. Not to mention I've also been working on back to back shows with New Image Art (gallery), growing a man, and having to come out the other side of relationship turmoil - which took it's own time, lemme tell ya.

Anyways, I'm just super stoked to tell you that it's all good. IT IS ALL GOOD! The site is fully mine now, I finally took the nece$$ary actions to have the back-end site idiot proofed so I can only blame myself for future neglect and/or other possible sabotage. (I'm so bloggin right now). I have a boatload of products - some of them are from holiday season last year that never got put up (shame!!), and I'm working away as I type this confessional. There will be a mass celebratory email when all is done.

BTW, so many of you love those Princess Tina Rain Cloud Necklaces & The Folk Face Cushion, so guess what? They're on their way in time for the holidays ('07 that is). They may even be sitting at the post office box right now! Shopping madness.

Oh and - The Mexico City show I am curating, formerly scheduled for November 2007 has been changed. It is now officially January 17, 2008! Get your passports and come join us at Proyectos Monclova for this! A solo show by Ashley Snow - she's a true ruler. More info in time.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. nice!
    love the pix..and the busy being busy eh :P


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