Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scooter Adventure begins here

Meet up with Aaron for breakfast and a scooter ride. Everyone (many people) (myself included) are heading up to San Francisco for RVCA's “Family Tree” show on Thursday. I plan to fly up Thursday afternoon. "So when are you getting into SF?" I ask, "I might drive up on the scooter with a whole gang, you should come." It's on, we're leaving first thing in the morning.

A few hours later as I'm canceling the plane ticket he calls to tell me that several credible sources say it's a terrible idea, no passengers on the bike. I'm bummed but we decide to say f*ck it, we're doing this! Rough-riders WOOF! Besides, the whole ride is being sponsored by RVCA + Vespa we're totally safe, there'll be a support truck following right behind us and we'll be in a group of several other scooters riding alongside us...

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