Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The weather report

I swear it rained in LA for a longer period than I can ever remember in all my years of living here (and I'm one of the few natives), I thought I might have to build an arc. That's being totally dramatic, it was actually really nice that we got so much rain and the air was so fresh for a couple days.

Saturday night (POURING rain) my friend Lori was in an art show, she's one of the Angel City Roller Derby girls, the girls were rollin all around the spot. I made a nice entrance to the show by sliding through the door in my wet shoes, yelling because I thought I might land on my back and it would hurt. That really gave Angelo a good laugh. Next we swam over to my friend Rochelle's b-day party, these are the only two pics that sort of made it from the evening, it was so dark in there.

Jamie and Ciara, not really doing the girls justice here.

Lori - Ms. Jackson if you nasty.

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