Monday, April 7, 2008

At work in NY last week

Went to NY with New Image Art to work the Scope Fair. I have to say it was a lot of work and it was cold out there, we hardly had time to go see the other shows. Still managed to have a great time though, saw friends and made some new ones too. Our booth looked great too.Swoon
Judith Supine
Anthony Lister
Anthony Lister
Cleon Peterson and part of Megan Whitmarsh's amazing trash mountain, wish I had a photo of it for you to see the detail she put into this.


Raphael poses next to his portrait.

Mark Grubstein stopped by the booth

Carlos (Date Farmers) and Raphael

Armando of the Date Farmers & Marsea, on our way to the Scope Party.

At dinner with Marsea, Bast, Aiko, and Max of the Nog Gallery.

At the Dark Fair. This was a cool show at the Swiss Institute, the whole place was black-lit.

Just taking a break.

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