Monday, October 27, 2008

Consider yourself warned

This could happen to any of us (click).

(and I'm still having USB/camera issues, no time to visit the apple store)

I instant messaged this to article to Julie:

[13:26] chuliejao: it's like the time i went hiking in this canyon
[13:27] chuliejao: the guides brought us to this hole in the rocks
[13:27] chuliejao: it was a cave but the opening was on top and there was water at the bottom of the cave
[13:27] chuliejao: they told me to jump in and i did
[13:27] chuliejao: not thinking how to get out
[13:27] amberfabramson: omg
[13:27] chuliejao: to get out i had to climb up this dark space and crawl out
[13:27] amberfabramson: were they joking?
[13:28] chuliejao: but my chest got stuck
[13:28] amberfabramson: scary
[13:28] amberfabramson: shit
[13:28] chuliejao: i was like wedged for a minute
[13:28] chuliejao: but i was able to exhale enough to wiggle out
[13:28] chuliejao: but if i was any fatter i'd have to be dragged out through the hole i jumped in
[13:31] amberfabramson: that's crazy. can i blog this story of yours?
[13:31] chuliejao:
[13:31] chuliejao: yes
[13:31] chuliejao: it was really scary
[13:31] amberfabramson: thank you
[13:31] chuliejao: i thought i was really stuck
[13:31] chuliejao: my head sticking out of a rock and the rest of my body stuck in a dark cave where i can't see what else is down there
[13:32] amberfabramson: that's horrible
[13:32] amberfabramson:
that's like that winnie the pooh episode
[13:33] amberfabramson: where he goes to rabbit's house and eats so much honey he can't get out the hold he came in from
[13:33] amberfabramson: (hole)
[13:34] chuliejao: yep
[13:34] chuliejao: i'm winnie the pooh

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  1. hilarious...i was thinking of pooh immediately as well...julie you are a loveable pooh