Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hallelujah! President Obama!!

I was just emailed this by an 11 year old friend of Angelo.

HELL YES!! This has been such an emotional election, I was overwhelmed seeing so many in line today at the polls, and was moved to tears tonight when they announced the results. Someone I know told me yesterday he was bored with the election, all of the hoopla and wasn't voting because he was out of the country (didn't bother with an absentee ballot). I don't know how anyone could not get the importance of today. Anyhow, we have arrived at the 1st step in a long road ahead and my faith has been renewed and I feel like maybe I won't need to flee the country with Angelo because of a draft after all. Maybe the environment will have a chance, maybe the economic rut will start to see an upward curve in a year or so - there are so many maybe's now. At least that's something! That is hope, and for me that's what's this has all been about. Now let's keep the change coming.

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