Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mail Call

I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. People send me / Busy-Being great packages all the time. Here's a few of my favorites that arrived at Christmas. (these pics could not possibly be any crappier, I guess should consider actually buying a real camera and get off the camera phone once and for all)
This one is my very favorites because it comes from a new friend, a nun and artist who is 90 something years old, and was a friend and fellow of Sister Mary Corita. I met her at the anniversary of Sister Mary Corita's 99th birthday and we really hit it off, decided to keep in touch. She sent me a little piece of her art with a pinhole technique she's been developing. So cute.

This is a sweet card (artwork by Sister Corita during a mellower stage of her life, the cards were accidentally printed the wrong way) sent by Sasha who runs the Sister Mary Corita Foundation, wishing us a Happy Holiday and thanking me for helping out during the 99th Anniversary Celebration.

This one came from a guy named Louis in San Diego, complete with cool zines and a little print.

And this was super rad! Came from a girl in Portland, a mini sewing kit that she made by hand in the cutest packaging ever.

This also a great card from NMo Design in the UK. If you've perused this blog you know I'm a fan of recipe exchanging and have been threating to make a cookbook of exchanged recipes, inspired, art directed and formtted through the teachings of "Learning by Heart" by Sister Corita.
(recipe on back)

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