Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy at work

I love to read my horoscopes (I have a couple favorite sites I visit from time to time). I hadn't been on Jonathan Cainer's site in a long time and I noticed they did some revamping so I decided to try out the new "Love & Friendship" section and plugged in some names and signs to see what Jonathan had to say about them. Then I decided to put in my own name and see what he might be telling people about me, because I'm so sure people are plugging my stats into the astrology computer to analyze my potential as a mate or whatever.

Here's what he said:
Amber Abramson will never grow up, and nor would we ever want her to. It is Amber's ability to be innocently fun-loving and childlike that makes her so endearing. Amber Abramson is extremely clever and sophisticated. There is, after all, a very big difference between being childlike and being childish. Amber is open minded, unselfish and able somehow to approach each new day with a spirit of real, fresh inspiration. That explains why Amber enjoys life so much and it also explains why other people, looking at Amber's life from a distance, cannot understand why she enjoys it so much. Those of us who know and love Amber Abramson find her enigmatic, mysterious or even downright baffling. We can't help liking her, but nor can we quite manage to work out where she is at, where she is coming from, what she is up to or what she is in to. Amber's tastes and preferences are what some people would call eclectic, others would term unusual and most folk would classify as 'just plain weird.' Amber, though, is consistent in her inconsistency. There is method to her madness. Amber is interested in - even fascinated by - so many strange, different topics and subjects because Amber is such a natural experimenter.

Amber doesn't need to travel the world in search of variety. Amber can wake up one morning feeling quite sure that she is one particular kind of person. By the afternoon she will be someone else. Her personality will not change, her loyalty will not waver but her mood will evolve allowing her to explore, enthusiastically, ways of behaviour which only a few hours ago seemed unattractive. Thus Amber Abramson creates a world in which there is constant variety and excitement. Boring people, who like to follow life's laws to the letter and stick rigidly to one fixed plan find Amber Abramson hard to handle or even to relate to. People with a sense of adventure, a sense of imagination and, most importantly of all a sense of humour, cannot get enough of Amber's company.

It's mostly true actually. Execpt for the part about not needing to travel the world.

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