Sunday, January 4, 2009

Older pics I meant to post

Urban camping on our rooftop. This pic is so dark you probably can't even see the tent unless you look into the darkness - really hard. This was super fun and before it got too cold and rainy. One night Kelsey Brookes came and camped out too.

Time to wake up and get ready for school.

Sophia (aka Chubby Rain) is getting bigger and cuter every minute.

This species of insect (alien) lives in my building, in my entire life I have never seen another one like it anywhere. Some of them are really big!! It kind of looks like a cross between a shrimp and a centipede right? To find one in your house is really terrifying. Does anyone what the hell this is?
Angelo took a poster making class with Mike Mills in one of the "Make Something" workshops. Here is the fruit of his labor from that afternoon which he put outside of a sushi restaurant. When we drove by that night someone had already taken it down. I tried to explain that such is the life of public art.

Our cat Bubulla seducing the camera.

On one of those long weekends I went to the gun range with David. This is my target! I think it's pretty tough, aside from that one in the forehead I totally nailed him between his mouth and nose! There's another one where I got him in the knuckle!

Famina aka hot mom

Dana's baby boy, Branden.

Bebe the Persian Cat lives with my mom and step dad along with Dolly the Australian Shepperd.

Visiting my grandma, we went out for ice-cream.

Poor Ginger got into brawl with Agnes (Julie's pitt) and they can no longer be friends. Her neck was all shaved with a tube in it, it was pretty terrible and Ginger was completely bummed out for weeks.

In Austin visiting my friend Matthew.

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