Thursday, April 2, 2009

He was almost mine

So I never told you about the Chiuaua Marsea found one Saturday in Silverlake. He was 7 months old, and SO cute. I met up with her that night at an art show in Culver City and she had him with her, she said she was out on a walk and he came running down the street towards her. She didn't know what to do with him but decided she'd post "Found" posters around the neighborhood the following day. I immediatley scooped him up and appointed myself as his guardian until his owner came to claim him (fingers crossed behind my back.) During the course of the night I went through about a dozen possible names for him, and took him with me to 2 bars and decided to call him Poncho until a better name came up. When we finally got home he tried to hump Ginger, which was the most ridiculous sight because he was only about as tall as her knee (dogs have knees). I made him a tiny bed out from an old box with some blankets and he slept in it all night. I was sure he would make a wonderful addition to our home. Anyhow, the next day a man called claiming to be the owner, the Chiuaua's name was "Sparky" (lame). I begrudingly met up with him at Hugo's taco stand and handed the dog over. The dude gave me $20 so I bought some taco's.

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