Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Autumn Pear Pie

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So does anybody remember back in January 2008 I posted the Recipe Exchange Program? No? Well I'm not surprised because only a couple people jumped on board. Anyhew, Sonya has been baking up a storm up in San Francisco and being a doctor of eastern medicine she's taking recipe exchange to a whole new level.

This is her email (she's not much of a blogger):
Round two of my Autumn baking craziness...

Everything I used for this recipe is organic and local, except for the spices (overseas). Nourishing & warming in character... very appropriate for the season!

• bartlett pears - li zi: nourish yin, moisten dryness, clear heat, regenerate fluids, and calm the heart - sweet & neutral

• goji berries - gou qi zi: nourish blood, yin, and essence - sweet & neutral

• walnuts - hu tao ren: tonify yang - sweet & warm

• fresh ginger - sheng jiang: warming; release the surface - spicy & warm

• cinnamon - gui zhi: warming; release the surface - spicy, sweet & warm

• clove - ding xiang: warm the interior & expel cold - spicy & warm

• nutmeg - rou dou kou: astringe, stabilize & bind - spicy & warm

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