Saturday, July 10, 2010

I have had a major case of the SADS all week due to a wild ass coyote whisking my precious cat Bubbula out of our lives after 11 happy years together on Monday morning. It's possible that our other cat Gracie, who has not returned home since January may have also met the same fate. We opted to remain in denial and assume that she had moved in with another family but the neighbor's account of having witnessed Monday's act of terrorism (just a little too late to help) has slapped us in the teefs. There is now a kitty memorial alter with photos, flowers, candles, and catnip toys in my living room.

The mouse that Gracie let loose in the house and then forgot about last Winter has survived both cats and is still living in my house, terrorizing myself and my guests with an occasional appearance while nonchalantly avoiding all mouse traps. I've seen him 2x this week. He must sense that the house belongs to him alone now. Is it wrong that I feel a little bit of consolation to know that he is living with us? In some way, the kitties live on through this mouse whom has doubled in size since his arrival last year.

This video of a marmot made me feel a little happier today as well as the flowers that were delivered to me at work.

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