Sunday, December 30, 2007

Art Basel Miami

Miami was a blast. I was down there with New Image Art, up till 5 am most nights and working all day, pretty much living on crackers and hummus and the free hotel breakfast (long story)I really didn't take many pictures, I should have. Here's a few from the "Positions" exhibit, basically a collection of freight containers turned into mini gallery spaces. There was one of those doing a sound installation - a completely dark room with a stereo system and two rows of seats, and a huge line to get in. Marsea and I got in there, staked our territory (stretched out on the floor, people were tripping over us) and we stayed in there for 2 hours. There was a subliminal message hidden in the music by the artist, we never found out what it was but it was one of my favorite experiences of the week.
Here's a shot Marsea, Kime Buzzelli, and Dede Cheriel - don't remember where we were or whose art is behind them. We had a rad booth, I'll have to get pics from them to share. There's one of me during the Deitch party at the Raleigh, very low-cut dress, shooting laser beams from my cheek - and that's Iggy Pop on stage.

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