Sunday, December 30, 2007


Gorgeous beach! That water is filled with jellyfish, I never ended up getting in but just sat on the beach a few times when there was a free moment. I think I could live in Miami.

I would take the bus every morning to the Aqua Hotel, and this amazing swamp tree was on the corner at my bus stop. It was so beautiful, there had to be a doorway to some fairy world hiding underneath those vines.

Kime and the Swamp Tree.

Kelsey Brookes at Scope Art Fair.

Gary Baseman & Jeff Soto outside the Colette party, last night in town.

Me on the roof the Nike/Scope/ANP party, trying to cover up the fact that my feet were screaming at me for torturing them in heels. Light up Miami in the background, Gang Gang Dance was playing below, awesome.

"A-ron the downtown don" and friend.

Neckface & me somewhere in Miami.

Solied Mattress and the Springs playing at the Nike/Scope/ANP party.

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