Sunday, December 30, 2007


This is one is actually just before Xmas day, the start of the solstice. I was driving home from the beach, heading East. The sun is setting in my rear-view mirror, the sky was orange and out from behind the hills the full moon is rising, it was unbelievably beautiful and hard to capture while driving on the freeway with only a cell-phone camera but can you picture it?

Didn't do much for Xmas this year. My folks came to visit, Angelo got a few presents - he's really into Medieval apparatus right now so I got him a crazy looking sword in Chinatown, he loved it. We also did something new this year, Angelo has never really been into accumulating possessions just for the sake of having "stuff" and we try not to play into the consumerism of the holidays (i.e., it's quality vs. quantity) so my parents and I wrote him promissory notes and stuffed them inside Christmas crackers which said things like: "This note is good for a trip to Medieval Times" etc. My folks gave him one for a trip to England this summer to go visit real castles. I thought it was awesome and he was super into it.

I had a potluck at the house with about 20 friends, didn't take a single picture. Anyhow, here's 3 pics from the holidays.

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