Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Haven't really posted in a while

Sorry bout that. I've been having USB issues can't and get my pictures out of my phone.

Basically September and so far October have been a blur! Angelo started a new school, it's super cool but super far away so I think we'll be moving to Venice soon! Westsiiiiiiiiiide! See you soon. Right now we've been getting up 5am M-F to do this commute and we're both over it. Besides I remember when I used to take the bus down to the Venice Boardwalk almost everyday back in middle school (with Sonya) and swore I was gonna live there when I grew up at least until it came time to leave the country. That was back when it hadn't even been gentrified and all the yuppies hadn't pushed out the hippies and rastas selling inscense and oils on the sidewalk and you could rent a house for like $400/mnth! So it looks like it's finally time to make that dream come true although that same house is more like $3500/mnth now (we won't be renting that one). Some of those hippies and rastas are still selling incense and oils down there but I'm pretty sure they're busing it over to Venice these days. You might be invited over for a BBQ, you know how we love to grill it up. Shooot.

Oh and speaking of Westsiiiiiide! I found this picture (I can post pics that are already in the machine) a while back from when I used to be a chola (the vida loca was circa '94). I'm probably going to alienate a bunch of aquaintances who thought they knew me and thought I was sweet by revealing this but it's pretty darn funny and I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog anyhew but - for your viewing pleasure and so we can break down those walls once for all (drum roll please!) it goes!
During this time I had a boyfriend that used to pick me up in a bombed out Regal with a tattoo of my name on his arm.

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