Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Full Moon in Aries

Lisa Miller (not to be confused with Susan Miller) says:
"Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and rules new beginnings. This is the Full Moon of the child: a celebration of innocence, adventurousness, and starting anew. So if you spent these last two weeks since the Libra New Moon looking deeply at your relationships and have decided to make some adjustments, this is the best Full Moon to take a leap of faith, and start taking action toward your intention to create more harmonious, loving, and fulfilling relationships.

On an Aries Full Moon your intention is best released to the universe with these qualities in mind: spontaneity, wonder, curiosity, adventurousness, and innocence. There are few times in an adult life when we can begin anew without dragging along our past pain, fear and worries. But this is the Full Moon to strive for releasing your intention with childlike hopefulness and inner faith. Know that what comes from your strong intention will be evolutionary, supportive and…. well, a big adventure! So smile and let it fly!"

I'm in agreement. September from beginning to end was absolutely the the most disappointing month of 2008 for me on so many levels (this was totally validated by Susan - not to be confused with Lisa, who said this was true for all Pisces, who knew?!!). The moment September ended certain things I had completely given up on unexpectedly started to turn around.

Mainly this post is directed to a few specific, lonely-hearted feeling friends of mine and anyone else who wants it. I think I felt that way for almost a year and a half, it's so rough but I wanna remind you that even though it feels that way the heart cannot actually be broken. A friend of a friend of mine once said "leave the past in the past and don't borrow pain from the future" so with that in mind I hope you guys will get out there and try to enjoy [let in] some new beginnings.

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