Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sick of the bullshit?

perfect last resort can't find a sublet, sick of the bullshit.

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Date: 2008-12-10, 1:13PM

do you fucking hate craigslist now????
have you been staring at it all day? totally bummed by people that are proud of the fact that they DON'T OWN A TV?
fuck that shit.
do you want to live with someone (just for a month) that totally WANTS to be the joker? from dark knight, not from the shitty tim burton one and not from the playing cards.
someone that has NO JOB? that goes for a "walk" in the park every day only to dream up new schemes like "EXTREME CASE SCENARIO", "BIG SUR REAL ESTATE ADVENTURES INVOLVING ESP" and "REVENGE SCENARIOS FOR HIRE".
you can sleep in the 6 square foot "hallway" located between my bedroom/living room and the bathroom in consideration of this i will go outside to get into the bathroom.
for a $10 installation fee i will put a 8 inch flat screen on the bathroom door so that you too can watch "SURVIVOR" and "MARIE ANTOINETTE" with me when i return from my "WALK".
we will watch the dark knight on BLURAY DVD on repeat. it is totally soothing.

My friend David posted this ad on craigslist as a joke and has been receiving serious inquiries. Even though he lives in a studio apartment, I think he should take someone up on it, it's just for a month and who didn't love the dark knight?

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