Tuesday, January 13, 2009


hey. amber told me i could post some shit on here i find on the internet. i am not sure if this is what she meant, but i am gonna do it anyway.
first. here is a recipe for one of the things my mom used to make me make for dinner. in like 1980. last year i dated a really nice girl for a minute. i made her make this for me. then i dumped her a couple weeks later. not cause the "tuna crunch pie" didn't taste good, it was perfect. there probably wasn't a good reason. she picked me up for a yoga class yesterday, a year after getting dumped by me, she dropped a "guy i'm seeing" reference. i thought that was cool.
anyway... tuna crunch pie. it's good.

two... amber doesn't get LOLCATZ. but they are hiring.

i'll probably use this space to rip on my mom a little bit. since she is always commenting on my blog

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