Wednesday, January 14, 2009

this must be from florida

i was gonna blog about this on my own blog. but i am on a plane right now, probably over nebraska or something. and for some reason it's not working. so i'll put it here. plus, maybe my mom doesn't need to see this.
the dude i work for just got an offer to play probably the shittiest festival ever.
and this band is on the bill. i saw this awhile ago and i really thought it was a joke. but it's not.

my only problem with this vid is that if these dudes went around and screamed "LIAR" at girla and tried to choke them, in the real world, they would totally get beat down by a girl.


  1. i would think that you would totally get it.
    being from florida and all.

    whoa. i am watching this at 3:45 am and i have to be at the airport at like 9:45. it's totally growing on me. i wish i were in that pig costume.

  2. my sarcastic humor was lost in translation...the orlando boy band scheme sure has changed since lou pearlman was sent to the slammer. pig suit? think you need to catch up on some sleep mister