Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tomorrow is going to suck

We've been working like crazy at New Image to get ready for Cleon Peterson's show this weekend - which I will be missing, and our 15 Year Anniversary show on the 24th. Yesterday I worked from 8:30am - 9pm, came home, walked the dog, visited with Angelo, attempted to pack but didn't get far, forgot to eat dinner, took a shower, and crashed out. Up again at 5am today to get ready for school, blah, blah, blah.

I just pulled up my itinerary for tomorrow's journey to Toronto, decided I'd check us in and peep our seat assignments. My dad booked this flight - or rather 3 FLIGHTS as I have just discovered! Holy Shit! Thanks Dad. Our 1st flight leaves LAX at 5:50am, meaning we need to get there around 4am - excluding the getting to the long term parking and then catch a shuttle situation. Angelo and I both had middle seats in different rows so I paid $50 to get us aisle seats across from each other. We have less than 1hr to catch a connecting flight in Minneapolis (weather conditions could be shady), then off to Detroit (weather conditions?) where we have about 40min to catch the yet another flight before arriving in Toronto. It is 12 degrees there today, at least it's getting warmer.


  1. oh girl that is a nightmare...let me know if you need a ride instead.

  2. um. okay.
    1.) you have plenty of time for good old CAMOOOOO. one of my favorite books. hopefully it's the version read by diane rehm.

    that's the only one.

    1.) your dad sucks shit at booking airline tickets.