Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mixed Bag

This one evening I was hanging out with my friend Chris, he decided to take a walk down to the store around 1am. About 1min after he left I had passed out on the couch, the next thing I know he's standing in front of me holding something. I was in a total fog but when my eyes finally adjusted - lo and behold! He had returned with a bunny!!! The little guy was just hanging on the street corner! Chris was extremely bewildered, the bunny was scared, and I was thrilled about the new bunny friend. We decided to keep him in the bathtub and fed him sugar snap peas. He was super cute and friendly and potty trained as we found out! Anyhow, the adventure in bunny-sitting was short lived. He was returned to his owner the next day.
Los Angeles National Forest fire from Los Feliz Blvd. :(
Visiting my friend Tim. He is working on some new pieces. This one isn't finished.
That's him up in the tree.
Dot the Chihuahua. The one and only Chihuahua as far as I'm concerned.

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