Sunday, September 20, 2009

A quick trip to SF

I took a quick trip up to SF over Labor Day weekend. Bettig already posted the highlights so I won't repeat. Another highlight was visiting my grandmother. She is rad. We share the same nickname "Flaca." Back in her day she was a Pachuca and used to hide a switchblade in her updo. People also called her "Chile" as in chile pepper because of her temper. She doesn't get around so much these days as she's living in a retirement home, spending most of her days laying on a bed, and sharing a room with several other ladies, sometimes she plays bowling on the Nintendo Wii.
While my mom and I were hanging with her this day one of her "roommates" was moaning "help me" from her bed which was behind a curtain. I asked if I should get a nurse, my grandmother said no and that this woman was a pain in the ass and she was always doing that. Then my grandma turned in the lady's direction and said "hey! I've got a pillow with your name on it!" My mom and I were cracking up and my grandmother says "I'd do it myself I could get up."

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